Helpful Prayers

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Sometimes in our lives, for a variety of reasons, we may struggle to find the words to offer in prayer. Here are some prayers that may be helpful.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

O Lord, how unfailing are your blessings. Your mercies are new to me every day, I give thank for the renewing of my health, for the relief of my pain and worry. Continue your healing within me and grantthat I, growing in strength and faith, may return in your time to the work you have given me to do for you. Through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen

A prayer for the morning

God, this morning I have come into the quietness and stillness of your presence to begin the day, so that out of this moment I may take with me a quiet serenity which will last me through the rough and tumble of this day's life. I come to you to find wisdom, so that today I may not make any foolish mistakes. I come to you to find peace, so that nothing may worry or upset me all through the day. I come to you to find love, so that all through the day nothing may make me bitter, unforgiving or unkind. I come to you to begin the day with you, to continue it with you and to end it with you, so that it will be a day which will have in it nothing to regret. Hear this, my morning prayer for Jesus' sake. Amen.

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 A Prayer before sleep

O Heavenly Father, you have given to us the gift of sleep as a means of rest and refreshment. Grant that at the end of this day I may so place myself into your gentle arms that this night may be free of care and anxiety. Grant that I may awake tomorrow refreshed and ready to receive the care you will give me. Through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

A morning prayer Poem

Lord, give me the patience to see this day through, in joy and in sorrow, to seek after you. Teach me to trust in your loving Son, from the time this day starts until the moment it is done. Teach me not to murmur, complain or strive, because only through you am I truly alive. Sometimes it is not until I wander or stray, that I realize it's near you I always must stay. So teach me to love you and always be true from the time this day starts until the moment it is through. -Gloria Temm