Helpful Prayers

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Sometimes in our lives, for a variety of reasons, we may struggle to find the words to offer in prayer. Here are some prayers that may be helpful.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

O Lord, how unfail­ing are your bless­ings. Your mer­cies are new to me every day, I give thank for the renew­ing of my health, for the relief of my pain and wor­ry. Con­tin­ue your heal­ing with­in me and grant­that I, grow­ing in strength and faith, may return in your time to the work you have giv­en me to do for you. Through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen

A prayer for the morning

God, this morn­ing I have come into the quiet­ness and still­ness of your pres­ence to begin the day, so that out of this moment I may take with me a qui­et seren­i­ty which will last me through the rough and tum­ble of this day’s life. I come to you to find wis­dom, so that today I may not make any fool­ish mis­takes. I come to you to find peace, so that noth­ing may wor­ry or upset me all through the day. I come to you to find love, so that all through the day noth­ing may make me bit­ter, unfor­giv­ing or unkind. I come to you to begin the day with you, to con­tin­ue it with you and to end it with you, so that it will be a day which will have in it noth­ing to regret. Hear this, my morn­ing prayer for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

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 A Prayer before sleep

O Heav­en­ly Father, you have giv­en to us the gift of sleep as a means of rest and refresh­ment. Grant that at the end of this day I may so place myself into your gen­tle arms that this night may be free of care and anx­i­ety. Grant that I may awake tomor­row refreshed and ready to receive the care you will give me. Through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

A morning prayer Poem

Lord, give me the patience to see this day through, in joy and in sor­row, to seek after you. Teach me to trust in your lov­ing Son, from the time this day starts until the moment it is done. Teach me not to mur­mur, com­plain or strive, because only through you am I tru­ly alive. Some­times it is not until I wan­der or stray, that I real­ize it’s near you I always must stay. So teach me to love you and always be true from the time this day starts until the moment it is through. ‑Glo­ria Temm