Message from SPRC Chair Ginny Tilden about our pastoral change


Sea­sons of change and a sea­son for all activ­i­ties under heav­en are summed up sim­ply and elo­quent­ly in  Eccle­si­astes. While sim­ply and elo­quent­ly stat­ed in those vers­es, in real­i­ty we some­times lose sight of God’s heart. What is at the heart of God’s hope for our con­gre­ga­tion, for our pas­tor, and for our­selves? How can we ground our­selves in God’s heart at this time? What do we need to let go of in order to fill our hearts with God’s love? How can we ensure that our hearts are as full as pos­si­ble with God and how can we help each oth­er stay focused on God’s heart though our tran­si­tion? These thought­ful ques­tions come from a ref­er­ence for Methodists fac­ing tran­si­tions such as change of pas­tors.

Some def­i­n­i­tions of itin­er­an­cy and appoint­ment are impor­tant so that we are all on the same page: “Itin­er­an­cy refers specif­i­cal­ly to that elders in the Methodist tra­di­tion have a com­mit­ment to go and serve wher­ev­er their bish­ops send them. Appoint­ment is the action tak­en by bish­ops after review­ing the church’s year­ly pro­file and con­fer­ence wide inputs.”

Dis­trict Super­in­ten­dent, Nola Ander­son, con­veyed to the SPRC that Pas­tor Bri­an accept­ed an appoint­ment to anoth­er church, the appoint­ment made by Bish­op Mark Webb.

Colos­sians 3:12  “There­fore as Gods cho­sen peo­ple, holy and dear­ly loved, clothe your­selves with com­pas­sion, kind­ness, humil­i­ty, gen­tle­ness, and patience.”

Please know that all SPRC mem­bers are will­ing to lis­ten patient­ly and under­stand your con­cerns. We offer a prayer to our lov­ing God to give us patience and let us believe in pos­si­bil­i­ties, let us respect each oth­er and accept God’s plan. Help us to remem­ber that each of us is defined, ulti­mate­ly, not by the flaws we dis­cov­er in each oth­er’s views and actions, but by our rela­tion­ship with You, and each oth­er. We pray this in Your name, Cre­ator, Redeemer, and Sus­tain­er.

In Christ, 
Gin­ny Tilden

Chair, Staff Parish Rela­tions Com­mit­tee (SPRC)