Bulletin for May 13, 2018

SUNDAY MAY 13, 2018


PRELUDE       A time to reflect and pre­pare to hear God

Nun dan­ket alle Gott by Gaël Liar­don




CHORAL INTROIT Let Us Rejoice by John Yarring­ton


CALL TO WORSHIP                             

One:       Come let us wor­ship the God who loved us from our birth!

All:           Though we did not know God, he knew us; God was
present while we were being mold­ed togeth­er in our mother’s wombs.

One:       Let us cel­e­brate God who gave us par­ents to love us for
him and to reveal the love and desire God has for us.

All:           Though a father and moth­er may for­sake us, the Lord will
always receive us.

One:       We cel­e­brate the Lord who reveals the plans he has for
each of our lives

All:           We know God’s desire is to pros­per us and not to harm
us; God has plans to give us hope and a future.

One:       Sure­ly we were sin­ful from birth, we did not know him
and as we grew we focused on what we want­ed and felt we need­ed, not always what the Lord want­ed for us.

All:           We thank you because at just the right time, you sent
your Son, born of a woman, to redeem us from our sin, that we might receive the full rights as your chil­dren.

One:       Let us sing praise to our Cre­ator, the true Par­ent of our

lives, who loves us, pur­sues us, and guides us in all of life

and through eter­ni­ty.


HYMN #102 Now Thank We All Our God


PASSING THE PEACE OF CHRIST                                                                                  


FELLOWSHIP CHORUS #2226 Bind Us Togeth­er


OPENING PRAYER             

O God, our heav­en­ly Par­ent, we gath­er this morn­ing to praise
you for the gifts you bring to us — in fam­i­ly, in chil­dren, in friends and neigh­bors. You are the source of our life and life finds its true mean­ing in you. We give you this day and this time. May we dis­cov­er your pres­ence in this hour in all that we say and do,
for what we long for is to be close to you. Amen!



Teacher Recog­ni­tion




CALL TO PRAYER #2193 Lord, Lis­ten to Your Chil­dren Pray­ing





I believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Liv­ing God, who was born of Mary. I believe in the love Mary gave her Son, which caused her to fol­low him in his min­istry and stand at the cross as he died.

I believe in the love of all moth­ers, and its impor­tance in the lives of chil­dren they bear. It is stronger than steel, soft­er than down, and more resilient than the dan­de­lions that cov­er the lawn.

It clos­es wounds, melts dis­ap­point­ments, and enables the weak­est child to stand tall and straight in the fields of adver­si­ty.

I believe that this love, even at its best, is only the shad­ow of God’s love, a mere reflec­tion of all that we can expect from him, both in this life and the next. I believe one of the most beau­ti­ful sights in the world is a moth­er who lets this greater love flow through her child, bless­ing the world with the ten­der­ness of her touch and the tears of her joy. Thank you, God, for those who love us for you and through you. We pray these things through Jesus, your Son, who taught us to pray, say­ing:



Our Father, who art in heav­en, hal­lowed be thy Name; thy king­dom come; thy will be done; on earth as it is in heav­en. Give us this day our dai­ly bread. And for­give us our tres­pass­es, as we for­give those who tres­pass against us. And lead us not into temp­ta­tion; but deliv­er us from evil. For thine is the king­dom,
the pow­er, and the glo­ry, for ever and ever. Amen.


CHORAL ANTHEM Amaz­ing Grace   arr. by John Coates, Jr.



Sav­ior, Like a Shep­herd Lead Us   arr. by Joseph Mar­tin




THE WRITTEN WORD Eph­esians 2. 1–10



Can You Imag­ine Wit­ness­ing? Dr. Bri­an Homan



Lord, you have revealed such great love to us. We have not loved you or our neigh­bor as we should. You have cre­at­ed us to do good and give wit­ness to the world of your good will and good news of your love for us all, but we admit that lit­tle of your love can be seen in us. Our light of your love has not shown as bright­ly as it should, in word and deed, so oth­ers might more read­i­ly see you, hear you and be drawn to faith in you. For­give us for our timid and dim wit­ness and strength­en us through your Holy Spir­it to bet­ter be your light to oth­ers. Amen.



Please come for­ward through the cen­ter aisle as direct­ed by the ush­ers to receive the bread and cup from one of two sta­tions. Return to your pew by the side aisle. Atten­dants will serve those need­ing assis­tance.


HYMN #664 Sent Forth by God’s Bless­ing




POSTLUDE Nun dan­ket alle Gott op 65 no 59 by Sigfrid Karg-Elert