Bulletin for July 23

We are glad to have you worship with us

Hearing devices and large print bulletins are available

from the ushers.

Please silence electronics during worship

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pre­lude (in silence)    Air & Vari­a­tions from Suite in E Major

Hymn No. 2049 (FWS)    God Is Here Today

Call To Wor­ship 

RESPONSE No. 393    Spir­it of the Liv­ing God      

Open­ing Prayer

* Hymn No. 87          What Gift Can I Bring

The Writ­ten Word          Exo­dus 4:10–17

Ques­tions of Life & Faith

What would it take for you to believe God cares after endur­ing a long peri­od of his absence in your life?

What excus­es did Moses give to avoid step­ping up as a lead­er­ship?

How and when have you resist­ed God’s call?

Who has God pro­vid­ed to men­tor you to deep­er faith and ser­vice?

The Gift of Music   Adon­ai — Aval­on    Bethany Homan Mur­phy


Offer­ing Our Gifts          To God Presto (Gigue)

* Pre­sent­ing Our Gifts No. 2070   He Is Exalt­ed

* Pass­ing the Peace of Christ 

* Fel­low­ship Cho­rus     He Is Here 

Prayers of the Peo­ple & Singing the Lord’s Prayer 

MEDITAION     The Mak­ing of a Leader      Rev. Dr. Bri­an Homan

*HYMN No. 2130     The Sum­mons


*HYMN No. 2153    I’m Gonna Live So God Can Use Me


* Bene­dic­tion Song    Go Now In Peace

Postlude       Presto (Gigue) from Organ Con­cer­to op 4 no 5