Palm Sunday Bulletin — April 9

Palm Sunday

April 9, 2017

9:30 & 11:00 AM

PRELUDE                      Fan­ta­sia super Valet will ich dir geben (B‑dur) BWV 735 — J S Bach

INTROIT (9:30)                 O Lord, Through­out These Forty Days — David Ash­ley White


L: Look! He is com­ing! The King of all cre­ation is rid­ing into Jerusalem!

P: He is seat­ed on a donkey’s back! He does not look like roy­al­ty.

L: Yet the crowds cheer and wave branch­es from the palm trees.

P: Is he rid­ing into a roy­al wel­come or to con­dem­na­tion?

L: Let us join the cel­e­bra­tion and raise our voic­es to wel­come the Lord of Life!

P: Hosan­na! Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the Lord. AMEN.

*CHILDREN PROCESSION HYMN No. 278      Hosan­na, Loud Hosan­na


*FELLOWSHIP CHORUS No. 2108 (FWS) O How He Loves You and Me


L: How bold of Jesus to ride into Jerusalem at the holy time of Passover. He rode as a hum­ble king. We hoped it was to claim the throne; but it was to claim our lives.

P: Lord Jesus, let us walk with you, the path to the cross.

L: Each day as he taught, he was remind­ed of the faith­less of those in pow­er. He saw cor­rup­tion and oppres­sion at every turn in the Tem­ple.

P: Lord Jesus, let us be aware of the seduc­tive­ness of pow­er as we walk with you on the path to the cross.

L: At sup­per one evening, he dis­charged one of his dis­ci­ples, Judas, to go and do what he felt he must do. For the oth­ers he gave a pre­cious reminder of his love through the wash­ing of their feet and through the sacra­ment of bread and wine.

P: Lord Jesus, cleanse us and make us whole; feed us the bread of life that we might be healed and strength­ened.

L: From the cross he for­gave the exe­cu­tion­ers and wel­comed a thief to Par­adise.

P: Lord Jesus, for­give us our tres­pass­es and wel­come us as repen­tant peo­ple into your par­adise. AMEN.

HYMN No. 297                         Beneath The Cross of Jesus


by Gabriel Fau­re

Pre­sent­ed in lov­ing mem­o­ry of David Ful­mer

 Introit and Kyrie —  Choir

Offer­to­ry — Bari­tone Solo & Choir

Sanc­tus  —  Choir

Pie Jesu — Sopra­no Solo

Agnus Dei — Choir

Lib­era Me - Bari­tone Solo & Choir

In Par­adis­um — Choir

Direc­tor Nan­cy B. James

Organ­ist Bill Young

Sopra­no Solo Melanie Brunet-Relyea Bari­tone Solo Eas­t­on Clark Vio­lin­ist Mar­tiros Shakhzadyan

THE WRITTEN WORD             John 12. 12–16

A SPIRITUAL CONVERSATION  Deal­ing with Our Dis­ap­point­ments with Prayer


The Holy City - F.E. Weath­er­ly and Stephanie Adams   Nan­cy B. James, sopra­no

*PRESENTING OUR GIFTS    Wor­thy Is The Lamb Of God


BENEDICTION             Go Now In Peace

POSTLUDE                Valet will ich dir geben (D‑dur) BWV 736 — J S Bach

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