Bulletin for March 26

We are glad to have you wor­ship with us!

Hear­ing devices and LARGE PRINT bul­letins are avail­able; our ush­ers are hap­py to assist you. Please silence all devices dur­ing wor­ship. (*) indi­cates please stand, as you are able

Sun­day, March 26, 2017

GREETING & PRELUDE  in silence, please pre­pare your heart for wor­ship

Alle­gro (Con­cer­to III d‑moll BWV 974) — Bach/Marcello

CHORAL INTROIT       Lord, Who Through­out These Forty Days — David Ash­ley White

CALL TO WORSHIP (Eph­esians 5, John 9)

One: When the world is dark and full of hate and fear, when we can­not see God

All: We will turn on the light.

One: When we can­not find our way back to love and peace

All:  We will turn on the light.

One: When our vision dims due to the dark­ness with­in

All: We will turn on the light.

One: Christ opens our eyes with the gift of sight.

All: The light of the world is Jesus Christ.

One: Come and wor­ship the one who brings sight to the blind.

GIFT OF MUSIC                                          Ear, Ear — Geof Kim­ber                      Spir­it Singers


OPENING PRAYER                                                                                                         

Gra­cious God, who cre­at­ed us in God’s own image, we are grate­ful for all that you have done for us, for all that you are doing in us, and for all that you will do through us. Open our eyes to see your pres­ence among us, mov­ing in pow­er­ful ways at all times and in all places. Open our ears to hear famil­iar words in new ways— ways that will change us and chal­lenge us to become the peo­ple you cre­at­ed us to be. Grant us the pow­er and the courage to come out of the dark­ness and into the light of Jesus Christ, that we may serve you by serv­ing oth­ers. We love you with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Amen.

HYMN  No. 140                              Great Is Thy Faith­ful­ness



*FELLOWSHIP CHORUS No. 2108 (FWS)  O How He Loves You and Me!

WITNESS                                                  Vera House           Richard Ertinger

CALL TO PRAYER No. 2193 (FWS)    Lord, Lis­ten to Your Chil­dren Pray­ing 


ANTHEM                                     Pure and Holy                                              Chan­cel Choir

Mike Hud­son and Bob Farnsworth, arr. by Dave Williamson



Ada­gio (Con­cer­to III d‑moll BWV 974) — Bach/Marcello

*PRESENTING OUR GIFTS    We Give Thee But Thine Own

THE WRITTEN WORD Matthew 6. 19–24


What caus­es you the most wor­ry?

Who has been your mas­ter late­ly? Who have you been serv­ing?

Where does the pres­sure you feel come from?

HYMN OF PREPARATION No. 130    God Will Take Care of You

MEDITATION                             Unleash­ing the Pow­er of Prayer               Rev. Dr. Bri­an Homan


For­giv­ing God, we would rather shut our eyes and be blind than see things as they real­ly are. We have been blind­ed by the pri­or­i­ties of our cul­ture which we have adopt­ed as our own. Our per­spec­tive has left us in emo­tion­al and spir­i­tu­al bondage. While we sing and pro­claim that we have found free­dom in you we con­fess we have only added on addi­tion­al stress by pro­fess­ing one thing and prac­tic­ing anoth­er. Grant us the courage to face the real­i­ty of our duplic­i­ty, and give us the strength to make the dras­tic changes need­ed to make us tru­ly free. Heal our self-inflict­ed blind­ness, O God, and lead us in the foot­steps of the Light of the World, who reveals your glo­ry in his life, his teach­ings, and his love. Unbur­den our self­ish prayers so we might see the pain of the world and live so as to bring your light to those who walk in dark­ness we have also strug­gled with. In Jesus’ holy name, we pray. Amen.


*CLOSING HYMN No. 129        Give to the Wind Thy Fears


THE SENDING TO SERVE                               

*BENEDICTION                                 Go Now In Peace

POSTLUDE                   Presto (Con­cer­to III d‑moll BWV 974) — Bach/Marcello

Please join us for con­tin­ued fel­low­ship over refresh­ments in Fel­low­ship Hall.