Bulletin for February 12

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

PRELUDE and GREETING  Lighting the altar candles in honor of Jesus, who is the Light of the World

                         Hymn Prelude on “Richmond” Set I No 2 – Healey Willan               

CHORAL INTROIT    O Be Joyful – John Yarrington

CALL TO WORSHIP              Psalm 119

One:   Happy are those who walk in God’s ways.

All:   Blessed are those who observe God’s commandments.

One:   Faithful are those whose eyes are fixed on righteousness.

All:   Joyful are those whose hearts are filled with praise.

One:   Come, let us love the Lord our God.

All:   We come to worship the One who leads us in the ways of life.

OPENING PRAYER (Deuteronomy 30, Matthew 5)

Holy Spirit, guide us as we walk in faith, and guard us against the powers that would draw us away from your love.  Help us to live according to your commandments, that we might live long in the land you have prepared for us. Prompt us to seek you with our whole heart and guide us to walk in your ways, that we may carry out the vows of the covenant we share. May our words and deeds bring life and faith to others, as we hold fast to the gift of faith. Be near us each and every day, and bless us with your light, that our days may be filled with grace. Amen.

HYMN No. 417 (vs. 1,2,4)                O For a Heart to Praise My God


ANTHEM            Help Us Accept Each Other – Fred Kaan & John Ness Beck   Chancel Choir

CHORAL CALL TO PRAYER     Seek the Lord by John Yarrington


OFFERING OUR GIFTS and OURSELVES TO GOD Give Me a Clean Heart  Nancy B. James

Margaret Douroux, Arr. by Albert Denis Tessier

*PRESENTING OUR GIFTS      We Give Thee But Thine Own


*FELLOWSHIP CHORUS No. 2224 (FWS)  Make Us One Lord

THE WRITTEN WORD Matthew 5.  21-37


What new standard of right or wrong is Jesus creating?

Which moral demands – maintaining healthy relationships, controlling lust,      keeping your word – challenge you the most?

What do these demands suggest about the direction in which God wants us to           grow after receiving his mercy?

HYMN No. 468                              Dear Jesus, in Whose Life I See

MEDITATION                 The Demands of Love           Rev. Dr. Brian Homan                                         


O God, send your Spirit upon us and light our path that we may travel the road you have prepared for us.  We like to soften the challenge of your Words so they will be more palatable and easy for us to live with, but you have clearly stated you did not come to abolish the demands of the law, but to fulfill them. Help us break free from ideas that no longer bring life, that we may embrace the life-giving work of your Spirit. Challenge us to forsake the paths that ask little of us, and help us resist the evils and temptations of this world, that we may truly follow the way of kingdom living. Amen.

*CLOSING HYMN No. 422      Jesus, Thine All-Victorious Love


*BENEDICTION                           Go Now In Peace

POSTLUDE                     Fugue in F Major G 178 – George Frederic Handel

Please join us for continued fellowship over refreshments in Fellowship Hall.

Those desiring to receive Christ or to pray with the pastor are

invited to meet with him in the Prayer Room off of the Fellowship Hall.