Bulletin for December 25

We are glad to have you worship with us!

Hearing devices and large print bulletins are available; ushers are happy to assist you.

Children’s activity bags are available at the sanctuary entrances.
Please silence devices during worship. (*) indicates please stand, as you are able

Sunday, December 25, 2016


PRELUDE   Please be in silent reflec­tion as we pre­pare our­selves for wor­ship.

Fuga sopra Vom Him­mel hoch, da komm ich her BWV 700 — Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach

THE CANDLES of CHRISTMAS: No. 2092 (FWS) Like a Child

One:  Who will come to save us? Who will the Lord send to heal our wounds?

All: Will God send the mighty angel­ic host? Will God send a great war­rior?

The first can­dle is lit: (vs. 1)                 Like a Child

One: But a child has no voice, no pow­er, no influ­ence. Why would God send a child?

All: A child can­not change the world. Why would God send a child?

The sec­ond can­dle is lit: vs. 2 of  Like a Child

One: We need to pay atten­tion to this child.

All: For in this child God and human­i­ty meet. This child will reveal the heart and  mind of God!

The third can­dle is lit: vs. 3 of Like a Child

One:  A child needs to be loved and cared for.

All: It is easy to love a child; they do not pose any threat. God comes as a child so  we can com­pre­hend God’s desire to share our lives.

The fourth can­dle is lit:  No. 217 Away In a Manger vs. 1 & 3


One: As a child needs our care, so does the gift of God’s Son

All: We must cher­ish the gift of faith and grace He gives by faith­ful­ly nour­ish­ing  our faith so it shall grow strong and mature.

The fifth can­dle, the Christ Can­dle is lit: No. 229 Infant Holy, Infant Low­ly



God of manger and star, you have won­drous­ly revealed your­self in the Holy Child of Beth­le­hem. By faith we kneel beside the manger-throne, hop­ing that some­how He will be born in us here and now. For Jesus’ sake, grant that we may share in a new birth of faith. Teach us to rec­og­nize your pres­ence in our dai­ly lives, and lead us to reflect the 

per­fect­ness of love you revealed to the world in Jesus, your Son and our Sav­ior and Leader.

HYMN No. 234 (vs. 1–3, & 6)     O Come, All Ye Faith­ful 

GIFT OF MUSIC While You Were Sleep­ing — Cast­ing Crowns

Bethany Mur­phy accom­pa­nied by Daniel Mur­phy

THE WRITTEN WORD             Hebrews 1. 1–9

HYMN No. 240               Hark! The Her­ald Angels Sing 

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE   God Speaks! Are We Lis­ten­ing?   Rev. Dr. Bri­an Homan



                In dul­ci jubi­lo BWV 751 - Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach (attrib)



*FELLOWSHIP CHORUS             Love Has Come!

Love has come and nev­er will leave us! Love is life ever­last­ing and free. Love is Jesus with­in and among us. Love is the peace our hearts are seek­ing. Love! Love! Love is the gift of Christ­mas. Love! Love! Love is my gift to you!


THE WRITTEN WORD Luke 2. 15–20


L: We need to reach out in love, aren’t we God’s chil­dren? How will oth­ers know God’s desire to love and walk with them in life unless we tell them and show them?

P: The child is the blessed gift that God sends, teach­ing us again about lov­ing and car­ing.

L: Then let us go into the world that may observe Christ­mas with­out the Christ. Let us tell them and show them the gift of God’s love, a gift that extends beyond the sea­son, into eter­ni­ty

BENEDICTION SONG No. 242         Go, Tell It  on the Moun­tain

POSTLUDE                                  In dul­ci jubi­lo BuxWV 197 - Diet­rich Bux­te­hude