Bulletin for Feb 14

We are glad to have you worship with us!

Children are always welcome in worship; activity bags are available at the sanctuary entrances.

During the 9:30 a.m. worship, we offer a nursery for infants and toddlers, and

Discovery Zone for pre-K to 12th grade following a Children’s Message.

Hearing devices and LARGE PRINT bulletins are available; our ushers are happy to assist you.

Please silence all devices during worship. (*) indicates please stand, as you are able

Sunday, February 14, 2016


What are three of the biggest temptations you have to face?

Have you had victory over them or are they a repeated struggle to you?

What has helped you to overcome them even if only for the moment?

Please be in SILENT reflection as we prepare ourselves for worship.

PRELUDE                                Variations on “St Flavian” (Theme/Var I) – Healey Willan


CHORAL  INTROIT         O Lord, Throughout These Forty Days – David Ashley White

CHILDREN’S GIFT  (9:30)         Dance, Sing, Clap Your Hands                        Spirit Singers

Douglas E Wagner


ONE:   We come searching for the presence of God.

ALL:    We long to catch just a glimpse of God in hope that we shall find rest     amidst the storms and trials of life which threaten us.

ONE:   The Lord is our provider and protector, the only One who can rescue us from

hidden traps, who can shield us from deadly hazards.

ALL:    While others around us struggle and fall under the pressure and     challenges of life, our faith in God will take us through.

ONE:   The Lord’s presence comforts us as we turn to Him in prayer.

ALL:    The Lord will come to our aid; He has promised to do so. 

ONE:   Let us express our love for the Lord.

OUR COMMON PRAYER (unison) (Romans 10 . 8-13)

O Jesus, you are near us. Your love resides in our heart as we confess together that you are Lord! You have overcome death and offer us salvation from sin and failure. We trust your promise there is nothing in this life that can destroy us. The power of your resurrection is ours as we face life’s challenges. We shall never be put to shame because we believe you have justified us and profess you have, and will, save us. Our life rests in you, Lord; our strength is found in you, Lord; our hope is in you, Lord, you and only you. Amen!



*Children are dismissed to the Discovery Zone


HYMN No. 520                     Nobody Knows the Trouble I See


Hazel Helena Kerr, daughter of Sara Vanderlan and Andrew Lloyd Kerr born on March 25, 2015

CHORAL CALL TO PRAYER         Let the Words of My Mouth – John Yarrington


CHORAL  ANTHEM              I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked                 Chancel Choir

                          Daniel S. Twohig & Geoffrey O’Hara, Arr. by Kenneth Downing                                                 


OFFERING OUR GIFTS AND OURSELVES TO GOD (please sign the register)

Variations on “St Flavian” (Var III/IV) – Healey Willan

*PRESENTING OUR GIFTS     Worthy Is The Lamb of God

*CELEBRATING OUR FELLOWSHIP (Sharing Christ’s peace)


*FELLOWSHIP CHORUS   O How He Loves You and Me


THE WRITTEN WORD             Luke 4. 1-13

HYMN No. 512                                    Stand By Me

THE SPOKEN WORD            Passing Life’s Tests                     Rev. Dr. Brian Homan

*HYMN No. 474                        Precious Lord, Take My Hand


*THE SENDING                     Go Now in Peace


POSTLUDE          Variations on “St Flavian” (Var V) – Healey Willan


*Please stand as you are able

Please join us in Fellowship Hall for fellowship and refreshments following worship