Bulletin for Sept 26

We are glad to have you wor­ship with us!

Chil­dren are always wel­come in wor­ship; activ­i­ty bags are

avail­able at the sanc­tu­ary entrances.

Dur­ing the 9:30 a.m. wor­ship, we offer a nurs­ery for infants and tod­dlers, and

Dis­cov­ery Zone for pre‑K to 12th grade fol­low­ing a Chil­dren’s Mes­sage.

Hear­ing devices and LARGE PRINT bul­letins are avail­able;

our ush­ers are hap­py to assist you.

Please silence all devices dur­ing wor­ship. (*) indi­cates please stand, as you are able

Sun­day, Sep­tem­ber 27, 2015


PRELUDE                                Vol­un­tary on “Old Hun­dredth” — Hen­ry Pur­cell

CHORAL INTROIT                         Lift Up Your Heads — John Yarring­ton                             

CALL TO WORSHIP (respon­sive­ly)

One:    God has pro­vid­ed for us gen­er­ous­ly, in ways beyond what we can even ask or     imag­ine.

All:       We praise God for these abun­dant bless­ings. 

One:     God has giv­en us to one anoth­er, to enrich our lives with joy and help us bear      life’s sor­rows.

All:       We thank God for these abun­dant bless­ings.

One:     Because of our grat­i­tude, we feel called to respond to the needs of oth­ers.

All:       Because of our grat­i­tude, we want to be a bless­ing to oth­ers.

One:     We are grate­ful to have resources that we can share with oth­ers

All:       We are grate­ful for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be a bless­ing to oth­ers.


Eter­nal God, we are amazed by the abun­dance of your pro­vi­sion. You have cared for us lav­ish­ly, pour­ing out your great love for us accord­ing to your good­ness, not because we have earned it. We con­fess that we have giv­en our­selves too much cred­it for our suc­cess­es, and placed too much blame out­side our­selves for our fail­ures.  Our gen­eros­i­ty toward our neigh­bors has waned as their needs fade out of our con­scious­ness. Still, your extrav­a­gant love con­tin­ues to bless us. Move beyond our ten­den­cy to cen­ter our lives on our­selves, O God. Teach us to trust in your promis­es and risk extrav­a­gant care for oth­ers, so that the world might be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

*HYMN No. 140                           Great is Thy Faith­ful­ness


*Chil­dren are dis­missed to the Dis­cov­ery Zone

ANTHEM                                       Holy Ground                                      Chan­cel Choir

Geron Davis, Arr. by Lloyd Lar­son

CHORAL  CALL TO PRAYER             Seek the Lord — John Yarring­ton


OFFERING OUR GIFTS AND OURSELVES TO GOD (please sign the reg­is­ter)

               Two Set­tings of “Old Hun­dredth” — Gaël Liar­don

*PRESENTING OUR GIFTS  No. 94 Praise God, from Whom all Bless­ings Flow

*CELEBRATING OUR FELLOWSHIP (Shar­ing Christ’s peace)


*FELLOWSHIP CHORUS No. 2224    Make Us One

*HYMN No. 375                       There is a Balm in Gilead

THE WRITTEN WORD                        John 21:1–14

THE SPOKEN WORD                                                                        Rev. Lau­rel O’Con­nor

*HYMN No. 2130                              The Sum­mons

*THE SENDING                     Go Now in Peace



*Please stand as you are able

Please join us in Fel­low­ship Hall for con­tin­ued fel­low­ship and refresh­ments fol­low­ing our wor­ship.