Bulletin for Sept. 20

We are glad to have you worship with us!

Children are always welcome in worship; activity bags are available at the sanctuary entrances.

During the 9:30 a.m. worship, we offer a nursery for infants and toddlers, and

Discovery Zone for pre‑K to 12th grade following a Children’s Message.

Hearing devices and LARGE PRINT bulletins are available; our ushers are happy to assist you.

Please silence all devices during worship. (*) indicates please stand, as you are able

Sunday, September 20, 2015


PRELUDE                           O Gott, du from­mer Gott op 122/7 — Johannes Brahms

CHORAL INTROIT                               Let Us Rejoice!  — John Yarring­ton                             

CALL TO WORSHIP (respon­sive­ly)

One:    Just as our phys­i­cal bod­ies are made up of many dif­fer­ent parts, so it is that we,     although we are many dif­fer­ent indi­vid­u­als, togeth­er become the body of         Christ.

All:      Through bap­tism per­sons of all ages, abil­i­ties, nation­al­i­ties,  and     eth­nic­i­ty are wel­comed into Christ’s body by the Holy Spir­it.  

One:     Sis­ters and broth­ers, we are the body of Christ!

All:       Let us rejoice in the great love God has giv­en us, claim­ing us as God’s     own chil­dren. Let us wor­ship God togeth­er.  


Mer­ci­ful God, you call us by name and promise to each of us your con­stant love. As we join togeth­er in wor­ship, deep­en our under­stand­ing of the gospel. Strength­en our com­mit­ment to fol­low the way of Christ. Renew our faith and our com­mit­ment to be your church. Increase our com­pas­sion for oth­ers so that we may wit­ness to your love through Jesus Christ our Sav­ior. Amen.

*HYMN No. 2220 (FWS)              We Are God’s Peo­ple


*Chil­dren are dis­missed to the Dis­cov­ery Zone


Zoey Thay­er, daugh­ter of Jen­nifer and Mike Thay­er, born Feb. 27, 2015

SPECIAL GIFT in hon­or of the Thay­er fam­i­ly

Bless­ings — Lau­ra Sto­ry              SarahJo Elliott,  vocal­ist

CHORAL  CALL TO PRAYER   Let the Words of My Mouth — John Yarring­ton


ANTHEM Take My Life — Frances R. Haver­gal & Carl J. Nygard, Jr.      Chan­cel Choir

OFFERING OUR GIFTS AND OURSELVES TO GOD (please sign the reg­is­ter)

Ada­gio (for­mer­ly attrib. J. S. Bach BWV 1020) — C P E Bach

*PRESENTING OUR GIFTS  No. 94 Praise God, from Whom all Bless­ings Flow

*CELEBRATING OUR FELLOWSHIP (Shar­ing Christ’s peace)


*FELLOWSHIP CHORUS No. 2224    Make Us One

THE WRITTEN WORD              Romans 12:1–21


How does your ded­i­ca­tion to Christ show in your rela­tion­ships with oth­ers?

Of the com­mands list­ed by the apos­tle Paul, which is most chal­leng­ing for you?

What are be three prayers you would have regard­ing the fel­low­ship of the church?

How can you begin to answer them?


*HYMN No. 133                     Lean­ing on the Ever­last­ing Arms

THE SPOKEN WORD                   Con­ta­gious Hos­pi­tal­i­ty                 Rev. Dr. Bri­an Homan

*HYMN No. 572                                     Pass It On

*THE SENDING                     Go Now in Peace


POSTLUDE                            Mein Jesu, der du mich op 122/1 - Johannes Brahms

*Please stand as you are able

Please join us in Fel­low­ship Hall for con­tin­ued fel­low­ship and refresh­ments fol­low­ing our wor­ship.