Bulletin for August 30, 2015

Sun­day, August 30, 2015

PRELUDE A qui­et time to pre­pare our­selves for wor­ship. We light can­dles in hon­or of Jesus, who is the

Light of Truth in the world. Please reg­is­ter your atten­dance; com­plete a Prayer Card if you wish.

Mod­er­a­to (Sonate C‑dur Hob XVI/10) — Joseph Haydn

INTROIT # 349 Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


One: Come to Christ through whom we are grant­ed for­give­ness of sin and giv­en new and

eter­nal life.

All: We come not just once, but often to cel­e­brate the gift of God’s love to us which

claims us and enables all who receive Jesus, who believe in His name, to become

the chil­dren of God.

One: Once we were not a peo­ple, but now we are God’s peo­ple. Once we had not received

mer­cy, but now mer­cy is ours.

All: God our Sav­ior has saved us, not because of any works of good­ness we have

done, but accord­ing to His mer­cy, through the water of rebirth and renew­al

of the Holy Spir­it, so we might become heirs togeth­er of the promis­es of God

for life now and what is to come.

One: We are not alone — God is with us; Christ is with us; His Spir­it is with us as we meet,

sing and pray togeth­er. May we see Christ in one anoth­er and give Christ to one

anoth­er as we wor­ship togeth­er.

*HYMN OF PRAISE # 98 To God Be The Glo­ry


To you be all glo­ry and praise we could offer, O God, for you cre­at­ed us and gift­ed us

with all the joys we would name for all to know. In all that we have failed to be and do,

in every wrong direc­tion we have tak­en and self­ish choice we have made, you have

been our For­giv­er. You sought us out when we reject­ed you; you pur­sued us when we

ignored your over­tures of love. To the cross you chased us down, send­ing your own

per­fect Son, Jesus, to die for our sin. You have offered us your own Spir­it to encour­age

us in our strug­gle, to guide us in your way of life, to con­sole us when we have failed and

empow­er us to keep on. To you we offer our lives in this time of wor­ship as imper­fect

as we are. Lead us to over­come all obsta­cles in life to live with ever increas­ing glo­ry

which is to reflect the char­ac­ter of our Leader, Jesus, in all we do and become. Amen!

THE GIFT OF MUSIC The Pow­er of the Cross Chloe Miller, vocal­ist

by Kei­th Get­ty & Stu­art Towne

CHILDREN’S MOMENT *Chil­dren are dis­missed to the Dis­cov­ery Zone to Jesus Loves the Lit­tle Chil­dren

BAPTISM of Andrew Mon­teleone


Today you are seal­ing your con­fes­sion of com­mit­ment to Christ. In this out­ward sign of

your inward faith, you become a mem­ber of Christ fam­i­ly and His Church. We wel­come

you into our fel­low­ship and pledge with you to com­mit our­selves to Christ, seek­ing the

guid­ance and pow­er of the Holy Spir­it to die unto self and rise in res­ur­rec­tion pow­er to

become the per­sons His love envi­sions. We offer you our prayers, our pres­ence, our

lov­ing care and coun­sel that we may all lead lives wor­thy of our Lord’s sac­ri­fice, ful­ly

pleas­ing to Him. With you, we joy­ful­ly thank the Father who has res­cued us from the

pow­er of dark­ness and received us into the king­dom of His Son, Jesus. Through the

pow­er of the Holy Spir­it true faith brings may we be changed from glo­ry unto greater

glo­ry until Christ’s com­ing or He takes us home unto Him­self. Amen!


Into my heart, into my heart, come into my heart, Lord Jesus;

come in today, come in to stay, come into my heart, Lord Jesus.


RECEIVING OUR GIFTS TO GOD Menuet­to (Sonate C‑dur Hob XVI/10) — Joseph Haydn

*PRESENTING OUR GIFTS # 94 Praise God, from Whom all Bless­ings Flow

*CELEBRATING OUR FELLOWSHIP (Shar­ing Christ’s peace)

*FELLOWSHIP CHORUS I love you with the love of the Lord

I love you with the love of the Lord; Yes I love you with the love of the Lord

I can see in you the glo­ry of my King; And I love you with the love of the Lord

THE WRITTEN WORD Acts 16. 19–35


THE WITNESS Break­ing The Chains That Hold Us Back Dr. Bri­an Homan

HYMN #529, “How Firm A Foun­da­tion”

*THE SENDING Go Now in Peace

POSTLUDE Finale-Presto (Sonate C‑dur Hob XVI/10) — Joseph Haydn