Bulletin for June 7

We are glad to have you wor­ship with us!

Chil­dren are always wel­come in wor­ship; activ­i­ty bags are avail­able at the sanc­tu­ary entrances.

Dur­ing the 9:30 a.m. wor­ship, we offer a nurs­ery for infants and tod­dlers, and

Dis­cov­ery Zone for pre‑K to 12th grade fol­low­ing a Chil­dren’s Mes­sage.

Hear­ing devices and LARGE PRINT bul­letins are avail­able; our ush­ers are hap­py to assist you.

Please silence all devices dur­ing wor­ship. (*) indi­cates please stand, as you are able

Sun­day, June 7, 2015

8:00 a.m.



One: We gath­er in this holy place:

All: Hop­ing a song touch­es our hearts,

One: Look­ing for strength to endure,

All: Will­ing a prayer to reach heav­en,

One: Long­ing for peace to well up with­in,

All: Lis­ten­ing for a word that com­forts, desir­ing an out­pour­ing of God’s Spir­it.

One: We gath­er togeth­er, in holy antic­i­pa­tion, and God meets us here.


God of truth, we come long­ing for the peace that only you can pro­vide. We seem so often to be tossed to and fro, blown about by every wind except that of your own Holy Spir­it. Be pleased to dwell here this day, to receive our wor­ship and our praise. Linger long, and speak the truth to us in love, that we may come to the uni­ty of faith and to the knowl­edge of the full stature of Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.

HYMN OF FAITH No. 733                March­ing to Zion 


FELLOWSHIP HYMN No. 380 There’s With­in My Heart a Melody



THE WRITTEN WORD             Psalm 73. 1–20


Why is it those who don’t fol­low God seem to pros­per while we strug­gle?

Do you ever feel like you’d be bet­ter off if you just didn’t believe?

Where are the bless­ings you hear about that come from fol­low­ing Christ?

THE TEACHING Is it Real­ly Worth it to be a Chris­t­ian?


That You, Lord Jesus are the only Way to dis­cov­er the whole Truth about life, and the true Life worth liv­ing!

That it is worth every­thing I could gain in this life to know you and fol­low you!

That behind the laugh­ter and ambiva­lence to you, behind the momen­tary smiles and plea­sures of those who do not con­sid­er the truth of your val­ues there is deep frus­tra­tion with life and sor­row!

That even though I have my moments of strug­gle my life is bet­ter off by fol­low­ing you!

That you pro­vide me with a deep­er under­stand­ing of what’s going on in life and you bring me deep­er and abid­ing peace that oth­ers who do not know you could ever know with­out you.

That abun­dant life now and eter­nal life of joy is real and obtain­able.

That if I keep the faith through times of dis­cour­age­ment and hard­ship you will keep my life for eter­ni­ty.


God, I am ashamed to admit it, but here’s my typ­i­cal prayer: God, make my life safe, com­fort­able and easy. Lead me away from the tri­als that might puri­fy my faith, the dif­fi­cul­ties that might teach me per­se­ver­ance, and the temp­ta­tions that might reveal my true alle­giances. Please don’t dis­ci­pline me, even though I know you say it would shape me into the kind of per­son you desire, because it might not be very pleas­ant. I want my life to be hap­py and fun all the time. Be for me a San­ta Claus or a Dr. Phil, not the bat­tle hard­ened war­rior of the ages or the fierce­ly lov­ing Par­ent you are. Amen

HYMN No. 396                           O Jesus, I have Promised


Please join us for the pic­nic fol­low­ing the 9:30 ser­vice