Bulletin for April 26

We are glad to have you wor­ship with us!

Chil­dren are wel­come in wor­ship; activ­i­ty bags are avail­able at the sanc­tu­ary entrances.

Dur­ing the 9:30 a.m. wor­ship, we offer a nurs­ery for infants and tod­dlers, and

Dis­cov­ery Zone for pre‑K to 12th grade fol­low­ing a Chil­dren’s Mes­sage.

Hear­ing devices and LARGE PRINT bul­letins are avail­able; our ush­ers are hap­py to assist you.

Please silence all devices dur­ing wor­ship. (*) indi­cates please stand, as you are able

Sun­day, April 26, 2015


Qui­et time to pre­pare our­selves for wor­ship. We light can­dles in hon­or of Jesus, The Light of Truth in the world.

Con­cer­to G‑dur BWV 592/1 — J Ernst arr J S Bach

CHORAL INTROIT (9:30 & 11:00) The Lord Is In His Holy Tem­ple  (QUAM DILECTA)



L: This is the day the Lord has made for us!

P: We will rejoice and be glad for the oppor­tu­ni­ty of this day.

L: The stone has been cast aside, and the man­tle of dark­ness removed from our eyes.

P: We now can see the good­ness of life God has giv­en, the beau­ty of cre­ation, the oppor­tu­ni­ties of each new day which now have no end.

L: Be glad and rejoice, God has swal­lowed up death for­ev­er!

P: This is the day of sal­va­tion, we will seize it! 

L: Let your heads be anoint­ed with the oil of bless­ing!

P: We will sing of how the cup of our lives over­flows with good­ness and hope!


We are alive! We thank you, Lord, whose fin­ger touched our dust and gave us breath. We thank you, Lord, for giv­ing us sight and sense to see the won­ders of your cre­ation and the pos­si­bil­i­ties of life. Our souls are filled with the joy of grat­i­tude as we remem­ber friend­ships made, cel­e­bra­tions enjoyed, moments of nur­ture and kind­ness done.  We praise you for the gifts you have poured into our lives and for the trust you place in us even though so many times we have failed.  May we build upon every gift you have giv­en us in life and return much back to you, for it is through invest­ment in life that we gain joy for our­selves, bless­ing to oth­ers, and bring glo­ry and hon­or to your name who is the source of all that is good and lov­ing! Amen!  

*HYMN OF PRAISE NO. 89 Joy­ful, Joy­ful, We Adore Thee

SPECIAL MUSIC (9:30&11:00)     White Flag                                       Alleluia Choir

Matt Red­man, Matt Maher & Jason Ingram


*Chil­dren dis­missed to Dis­cov­ery Zone

WITNESS                                                                     Sharon Hart­man

ANTHEM (9:30&11:00)                            I Will Fol­low You      Sara Bai­ley, flute & Chan­cel Choir

John Ray & Susan Nay­lor Call­away

CHORAL CALL TO PRAYER     Let the Words of My Mouth — John Yarring­ton


OFFERING OUR GIFTS AND OURSELVES TO GOD (please sign the reg­is­ter)

Prae­ludi­um (Par­ti­ta I B‑dur) BWV 825 — J S Bach

*PRESENTING OUR GIFTS No. 176 Majesty, Wor­ship His Majesty

*CELEBRATING OUR FELLOWHIP (Shar­ing Christ’s peace)


*FELLOWSHIP CHORUS No. 2070     He Is Exalt­ed

HEARING THE WRITTEN WORD     Matthew 25:14–29


All the church talks about is self-denial, repen­tance, and sac­ri­fice: is that all there is to life?

Jesus seemed to have lit­tle plea­sure in life, why would I ever want to be like Him?

Can’t I have things and still be a good Chris­t­ian?

*HYMN OF PREPARATION (please see insert) There Is Sun­shine In My Soul Today


A SPIRITUAL CONVERSATION   Stew­ard­ship as Invest­ment Giv­ing       Dr. Bri­an Homan


*HYMN OF SENDING FORTH No. 438   Forth in Thy Name, O Lord




*THE SENDING                     Go Now in Peace 


POSTLUDE                Fuga Es-dur (Clavier-Übung) BWV 552/2 — J S Bach                       

*Please stand as you are able

Please join us in Fel­low­ship Hall for con­tin­ued fel­low­ship

and refresh­ments fol­low­ing our wor­ship