Announcements for March 15

March 22 — Chil­dren’s Seder & Holy Com­mu­nion

Par­ents are wel­come (but not required) to join us as we recre­ate the Last Sup­per dur­ing Dis­cov­ery Zone on March 22. Pas­tor Ali­son will explain and serve com­mu­nion.

Cou­ples and Sin­gles Club movie night — March 27

The Cou­ples and Sin­gles Club will meet on Fri­day, March 27, at 6 p.m.  in Memo­r­i­al Lounge for a Potluck Din­ner and Movie Night. The movie we will watch is “Mid­night in Paris”. Please call Steve and Don­na Auy­er at 451‑7359 so they know how many to expect and also your potluck choice.

Red Cross Blood Dri­ve next Sun­day

Next Sun­day, March 22, is Liv­er­pool First Unit­ed Methodist Church’s Lenten Donor Day at the Red Cross Blood Dona­tion Cen­ter at 7359 Oswego Road. Please sign up in Fel­low­ship Hall after wor­ship today. More than 41,000 blood dona­tions are need­ed every day. About 38% of the pop­u­la­tion is eli­gi­ble to donate, while only 10% actu­al­ly do. If you are able, won’t you be one of them?

Senior Min­istry Events

April 10 local his­to­ry pro­gram & 50s-themed din­ner

On April 10 at 6 p.m., a 50’s- themed din­ner of Hoff­man hot dogs, coneys, salt pota­toes, old fash­ioned pop, root beer floats & retro desserts will be catered by our Men’s Club. Steve Auy­er will present a pro­gram about the his­to­ry of Elec­tron­ics Park. Learn how the area changed fol­low­ing World War 2 as new indus­tries moved into the area and oth­ers con­tin­ued to grow and expand. GE’s Elec­tron­ic Park had a big impact on the Liv­er­pool area, and was one of the rea­sons that Bay­ber­ry was devel­oped. A col­lec­tion of prints of GE’s TV ads from the 40’s-70’s will be on dis­play along with vin­tage radios. Dead­line to sign up and pay is March 29.

April 22 Antiques Road Show & lun­cheon 

On April 22, a lun­cheon takes place at noon in the church Fel­low­ship Hall. Pro­gram will  fea­ture an “Antiques Road Show.” Bring in one item to be appraised. Cost is $10 per per­son.


Soci­ety of St. Andrew Lenten Devo­tions

In 2014, the Soci­ety of St. Andrew mobi­lized more than 30,000 vol­un­teers to glean (pick, dig, or gath­er) and bag fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles to feed hun­gry peo­ple across the Unit­ed States, shar­ing more than 85 mil­lion serv­ings of nour­ish­ing food. Dur­ing your devo­tion­al time this week, take time to pray for all who make Soci­ety of St. Andrew’s min­istry pos­si­ble.

Sun­day Soup Sup­per and Study

Lent, the days of pen­i­tence in prepa­ra­tion for East­er, has its own vocab­u­lary: jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, atone­ment, pro­pi­ti­a­tion, expi­a­tion, and res­ur­rec­tion to name a few. Pas­tors Bri­an and Ali­son are lead­ing Sun­day evening stud­ies, “Trans­lat­ing Chris­t­ian Jar­gon” on the terms. A soup and bread sup­per is served at 5 p.m., fol­lowed by a one-hour study.

Give To One Great Hour Of Shar­ing Offer­ing Today 

It’s easy to give food to our local food pantry or to share a spare coat with some­one who has none. But how can we go an extra mile – to make a gen­uine sac­ri­fice to help a neigh­bor in need? That’s what keeps our faith alive! When Methodists around the world con­tribute to the One Great Hour of Shar­ing offer­ing today, we pay the admin­is­tra­tive costs for the Unit­ed Methodist Com­mit­tee on Relief for one year. This offer­ing enables the UMCOR to keep the promise that 100 per­cent of des­ig­nat­ed gifts for dis­as­ter relief go entire­ly to spe­cif­ic caus­es. On behalf of The Unit­ed Methodist Church, UMCOR pro­vides human­i­tar­i­an aid in the Unit­ed States and around the world. By respond­ing when­ev­er and wher­ev­er cat­a­stro­phes strike, help­ing refugees rein­te­grate into their com­mu­ni­ties, feed­ing school­child­ren, estab­lish­ing med­ical clin­ics and much more, UMCOR pro­vides hope for mil­lions. Please give gen­er­ous­ly.

Do you quilt? Do you have spare mate­r­i­al?

The Prayer Quilt min­istry of Liv­er­pool First UMC is call­ing quil­ters to join them. If you haven’t quilt­ed before but would like to learn, they will teach you. They meet Tues­days at 10 a.m. at church to cre­ate Prayer Quilts. In order for them to con­tin­ue this out­reach, fab­ric, peo­ple, and mon­ey to pur­chase bat­ting, is need­ed. For infor­ma­tion, call the church at 457‑5180.

Palm Sun­day Can­ta­ta — 10:15 a.m.

The Chan­cel Choir will pro­vide a can­ta­ta for wor­ship on Palm Sun­day, March 29, at 10:15 a.m. To cel­e­brate our uni­ty as a con­gre­ga­tion, there will be only one ser­vice at 10:15 a.m. There will still be Dis­cov­ery Zone Chris­t­ian Edu­ca­tion for chil­dren at 9:30 a.m. The chil­dren will open the 10:15 a.m. wor­ship with the pro­ces­sion of palms. Child care for infants and preschool chil­dren will be pro­vid­ed dur­ing the ser­vice.

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